Video messenger
Beta version
Quicker than texting and easier than live video and phone calls.
Do everything with one thumb.
‍Have timezone-friendly conversations.
No leaks. We don't store messages.
Chat even while you're walking.
Message many contacts really fast.
Get on-demand support from the founding team.
Product demo.
A simple and straight product demo shot with a smartphone.
Press and hold to record a message. Release to send.
No keyboard
Isn't typing one of the worst mobile experiences?
One-hand only
Send messages when holding a coffee, a suitcase or an umbrella.
A mirror check to make sure you look good.
Search a contact simply by pulling down with your finger.
Create as fast as you watch
Anxiety, defeated
No missed calls. No scheduling. Open all messages seamlessly.
Ubiquity, finally
Every message include so much more than a message.
Super secure
Messages are deleted from our database after being opened.
Ephemeral contacts
Use PIN Codes instead of other personal contact infos. More.
Hide camera
Just make a long press on the mini mirror to hide the camera.
Unlimited support
Receive on-demand video-support from the founding team.
Useful messaging.
Talk with your family in other timezones without scheduling.
The best group messaging experience available.
Easily send quick messages to your entire team.
And it's free.
Let's make messaging magic again.
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